I am using dropdownlist to update my datagrid. <BR>my code consist of: <BR>1. dataedit fired when edit is click <BR>2.getbooking is used to fill dropdownlist <BR>3.dataupdate fired when update is click <BR><BR><BR>Public Sub DataEdit(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal E As DataGridCommandEventArgs) <BR> grdApplicants.EditItemIndex = E.Item.ItemIndex <BR> bindgrdApplicants() <BR> End Sub <BR><BR> Public Sub dataupdate(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal E As DataGridCommandEventArgs) <BR> Dim service As New SMSService() <BR> Dim command As New OleDb.OleDbCommand() <BR> command.Connection = service.DbConnection(Request) <BR> Dim TempList As DropDownList <BR> Dim tempvalue As String <BR> Dim tempvalue2 As String <BR> Dim TempapplicantId As Label <BR> Dim tempapplicantidvalue As String <BR><BR> TempList = E.Item.FindControl("ddlHold") <BR> tempvalue = TempList.SelectedItem.Value <BR> TextBox1.Text = tempvalue <BR> TempapplicantId = E.Item.FindControl("lblLoanId") <BR> tempapplicantidvalue = TempapplicantId.Text <BR><BR> command.Connection.Open() <BR> command.Transaction = command.Connection.BeginTransaction <BR><BR> command.CommandText = "UPDATE Applicants SET " & _ <BR> "Applicants.booking_hold_n =" & tempvalue & _ <BR> " WHERE Applicants.loan_id =" & tempapplicantidvalue <BR><BR> command.ExecuteNonQuery() <BR><BR> command.Transaction.Commit() <BR> grdApplicants.EditItemIndex = -1 <BR> bindgrdApplicants() <BR><BR> End Sub <BR><BR> Public Function GetBooking(ByVal applicant_booking_hold_n As Integer) As DataTable <BR> &#039;Public Function GetBooking() <BR> Dim service As New SMSService() <BR> Dim connection As OleDbConnection = service.DbConnection(Request) <BR> connection.Open() <BR> Dim adapter As OleDbDataAdapter <BR><BR> Dim DS As New DataSet() <BR> Dim sql As String = "SELECT * FROM booking " <BR> adapter = New OleDbDataAdapter(sql, connection) <BR> <BR> adapter.Fill(DS, "bookingList") &#039;filldataset") <BR> Return DS.Tables("bookingList") <BR> End Function <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------- <BR><BR>my problem is that after I choose my desired value from dropdownlist and click update it never works... the value return always &#039;0&#039; <BR><BR>TempList = E.Item.FindControl("ddlHold") <BR>tempvalue = TempList.SelectedItem.Value &#060;---- this always &#039;0&#039; <BR><BR>Could someone kind please help me?? <BR><BR>Thank you so much.