Can anyone tell me why the following SQL returns a

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Thread: Can anyone tell me why the following SQL returns a

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    Default Can anyone tell me why the following SQL returns a

    &nbsp;<BR>Hi All<BR>Can anyone find a problem with the following sql i am using to get info from an Oracle database.<BR><BR>SELECT LiveTest.Module, LiveTest.Topic, Questions.Question, Questions.Graphic, Questions.QuestionID, Questions.LecturerID, Questions.QuestionStyle, Answers.Right_Answer, Answers.Wrong_Answer_1, Answers.Wrong_Answer_2, Answers.Wrong_Answer_3 FROM LiveTest, Questions, Answers WHERE LiveTest.TestID = &#039;"& TestID &"&#039; AND LiveTest.Module = Questions.Module AND LiveTest.Topic = Questions.Topic AND LiveTest.SubTopic = Questions.SubTopic AND LiveTest.LecturerID = Questions.LecturerID AND Questions.QuestionID = Answers.QuestionID<BR><BR>It returns around ten different tables and each table only contains one bit of required info, e.g first table has Livetest.Module info, secound has livetest.topic info. This is the reply when i try my query directly in SQL+. I think this is why my web application will not respond when i run it.<BR>Any suggestions??<BR>Thanks very much<BR>Mick

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    Default That makes no sense...

    It returns around ten different tables<BR><BR>You only specify THREE tables in your JOIN, so how can you get back *TEN* tables from the query????<BR><BR><BR>

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