Hi-<BR><BR>Ive been doing some research on the following topic. At work I&#039m looking at the possibility and managementn of having up to 1000 concurrent users uploading 1-2 meg files to our server(s). <BR>Hhaving looked at the IIS thread management issues and threading per cpu the question breaks down to the following options.<BR><BR><BR>1. Would using http posting be in any way desireable considering that the IIS will maintain user session until the uploading and processing has been completed and then timeout after a set period of user inactivity? Users would transfer rates would be from 28.8 modems on up to higher DSL speeds. Scripting would take the form of asp and vbscript. <BR><BR>It seems that user would quickly be thrown into the request queue since the number of processor threads is limited to 20 and user uploading will consume valuable processor time. We&#039re looking at multiple CPU configuration on a large scale....assuming one were using P3s and 512 <BR><BR>2. Would ftping the files generate less processor memory overhead assuming its being done without asp involvement.<BR><BR><BR>3. This option would be to simply use the mail server to receive the 1-2 meg files and then process them.<BR><BR>4. If we assummed this 1000 users uploading 1-2meg files concurrently what would one be considering for the actual number of processors and servers. If one used a server farm then the session state becomes lost or has to be tied to a specific server.<BR><BR>Ive found the reading on threads, sessions, load balancing very interesting but none of the articles really seems to address hign volume uploading. I&#039m almost wondering if I should look into the valueworkload capabilites minis (as400) over a large quantity of processors and multiple servers....?<BR><BR>I&#039d appreciate any real life case studies and experiences with these issues... Ive read through MS case studies but they seem to be more of warm fuzzies and back patting then useful specifics. Also looked at the MSDN IIS tuning high volume sites.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Bart<BR><BR>ps Im just a programmer/webmaster not a hardcore IT guy. My boss asked me to do a little research on this.... thanks again<BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>