I run a website with ASP files in the root and within other directories. When a user logs into the site they are logged from an ASP page findaccount.asp within a boards2 directory. When they are logged in a cookie (several) are written to the client machine. Lately I&#039;ve been having a problem that a page on the root level home.asp is no longer able to access the cookie information that was written when the user logged in (from withing boards2/findaccount.asp). <BR><BR>After some log investigation what&#039;s happen is the cookies written from within the boards2 directory are getting saved on the client machine as username@boards2.txt within the cookies directory rather then the domain (let say the domain is www.mydomain.com). When I write a cookie from a file on the root level home.asp a cookie is written to the client machine using the file name username@mydomain.txt. <BR><BR>Therefore when a cookie is written from the boards2 directory a root level file can&#039;t access that cookie because it&#039;s looking for a cookie file username@mydomain.txt rather then where it was written username@board2.txt. <BR><BR>Does anyone know what&#039;s going on here?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Tom