Just wondering if spiders care about directory names???<BR><BR>Suppose I have a folder. It is called /admin/<BR>In this folder I have another folder /admin/SecretSauce/<BR><BR>In my robots.txt I have a<BR>Disallow: /admin/<BR>so all the nice spiders do not go in there and bite things.<BR><BR>Now suppose I make a directory called /SS/<BR>The soul purpose of this directory is to redirect someone who works on the SecretSauce by typing in a short, easy to remember URL. But this url is only a redirect.<BR><BR> &#060;% Response.Redirect "/admin/SecretSauce/" %&#062;<BR><BR>That is all that is on the default.asp page of /SS/<BR><BR>What would a spider gain from this directory??? /SS/ with only a redirect?<BR>Of course the folder "/admin/SecretSauce/ has the most amazing authentication scheme known to human kind...<BR><BR>Just wondering if spiders care about directory names???<BR><BR>Paul<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>