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    Default Looking for contract assignments in ASP/Access/VB/

    I am looking for some contract assignments on ASP/SQL server.<BR><BR>You can reach me @ 510 337 1956

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    &nbsp;<BR><BR><BR>Alka Mittal<BR>alkamittal98@yahoo.com<BR>1003 Westford Street, #22<BR>Lowell<BR>MA 01851<BR>(978)441-2142<BR><BR><BR><BR>Alka MIttal has application design and development experience with Oracle as back end and MS Visual Basic as front end GUI Tool. She has experience of over 2 years in Software Design and Development of technical and commercial applications in ASP, Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, Oracle 7.x/8.0, Crystal Reports. Current Areas of work includes web based transaction oriented application development. Her current assignment involves web enabling of on-line Golf reservation system for Golf Resorts. <BR><BR><BR>Work Experience<BR> <BR>· Worked as programmer in Vintron Industries Ltd., Delhi<BR>· Programmer Analyst at Adroit Computer Technique Pvt. Ltd., Delhi<BR>Duration: Feb 98 &#039 till Oct&#039 98<BR>· Systems Analyst at Adroit Computer Technique Pvt. Ltd., Boston, USA<BR>Duration: Jan&#039 99 till date<BR><BR><BR>Technical Knowledge <BR><BR>· Client/Server Application Development :<BR>VB 5.0/6.0 at front-end and Oracle 7.3, MS-Access &#039 97 at back-end, Crystal Reports Professional 5.0 as the reporting tool.<BR>· Web Application Development :<BR>High degree of programming skills in ASP 2.0, HTML 4.0. Experience with web development tools like Visual Page 1.1, Front Page 2000, Homesite 4.5. Sound technical knowledge of IIS on Win NT 4.0.<BR><BR><BR>Academic Qualifications<BR><BR>· Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) from University of Roorkee, India in 1995. University of Roorkee is ranked 17th in the world.<BR><BR>Professional Qualifications<BR><BR>· Done certificate course in Oracle and Developer2000 from STG, New Delhi, India<BR>· Done certificate course in Java Programming from UMass Lowell, USA<BR><BR><BR><BR>Snapshot of some of the Projects Undertaken<BR>Project summary<BR><BR>Title : Tee Time Reservation System<BR>Organization : Adroit Computer Techniques Pvt. Ltd.<BR>Client : Classic Golf Resort<BR>Duration : August &#039 99 to Till date<BR>Team Size : 3<BR>Platform : ASP 2.0, Java Script, HTML 4.0, IIS 4.0, MS Access 97 at Back end<BR><BR><BR>Description: This site allows the registered members of Classic Golf Resort to reserve tee-times for themselves and their guests using the net. A first of its kind site in India, it aims at providing an easy interface where people can see different tee-offs available and choose for themselves as per their convenience. The back-end (to be used by the administrator) also takes care of members billing and their guest records based on the bookings made. It also gives the administrator the facility of creating templates for generating time slots for tee-offs in different seasons, and overriding any of hence generated slots to accommodate for rush on holidays, blocking particular slots or manage the tee time reservation as a whole. This site also helps Golf resorts in providing on-line reservation for participants of tournaments.<BR>Role : My role as a developer in the project was to design the database, <BR>develop the interfaces for the Administrator and Users using ASP for<BR>server side scripting and JavaScript for client side validations.<BR><BR><BR>Title : Online Air Ticketing System<BR>Organization : Adroit Computer Techniques Pvt. Ltd.<BR>Clients : Indigo Airways, Chicago<BR>Duration : January &#039 99 to August &#039 99<BR>Team Size : 3<BR>Platform : ASP, Java Script, HTML, IIS, Oracle 7.3 at back end.<BR>Description : Indigo is a Chicago based Airline. This application is an on-line Airline<BR>Reservation System. Registered members of Indigo may access this on-line reservation system using either their web browsers or Palm Pilots. Authentic users can use this site to see airline information, ticket fares, and arrival and departure times of flights. <BR>Role : My role as a developer in the project was to support development team..<BR>.<BR><BR><BR>Title : Project & Finance Monitoring System<BR>Organization : Adroit Computer Techniques Pvt Ltd<BR>Clients : World Bank - Water and Sanitation Program<BR>Duration : Feb&#039 98 to October&#039 98<BR>Team Size : 3<BR>Platform : Visual Basic 5.0 at front-end, Oracle 7.3 at Back-end<BR>Hardware : Pentium PC<BR>Role: : Programmer Analyst<BR>Description: World Bank - Water and Sanitation Program is one of the development programs undertaken by World Bank. This program is under progress in various countries across the World. The project has been designed, developed and implemented for their South Asia Regional Office (covering five countries namely India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal). The system takes inputs regarding the budgets (estimates) and actuals of expenses incurred on different activities (Projects) undertaken by world bank. This information is used to monitor different activities, cost centres attached to these activities and employees who are working on these activities. The trust funds, which sponsor the activities, are another criteria for monitoring these projects, and the said system caters to the same. This system is equipped with number of query tools forming the backbone of MIS and helping the managers/project leaders/task managers at world bank in monitoring their projects more effectively and efficiently with a constant eye on finances. The information available to the system is also used to generate regular financial statement of accounts like Cash Book , Bank Book, Trial Balance etc. on periodic basis. The system is now under the process of being adapted to varied global requirements to be eventually considered for global implementation.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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