what would cause a user account (or anything else<BR>in the active directory) to not replicate between domain controllers?<BR><BR> The primary culprit was that I installed asp.net framework on a win2k domain controller and asp.net was looking for a specific account on the local computer (which is not something a domain controler is inclined to allow): so I proceeded to create a limited-access domain user account as per the microsoft website.<BR>That&#039;s when things started to get a bit weird. The account was created ok, but only the pdc would see it (i.e. the active directory didn&#039;t appear to be replicating properly) so I thought I&#039;ll just set the permissions from that box across the wire. Well it stored the acl&#039;s but when I went back to the machine to check it, the sid wouldn&#039;t resolve. I went digging some more in<BR>the Event Logs and discovered that there appear to be a few problems with the active directory replication.<BR><BR> Any advice would be appreciated.<BR><BR> Thanks in advance.