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    I have set up a form for users to enter first name and last name, hit search, and then I do a select from DB where the criteria is met, and display the record associated with the name (Essentially...an online phone book). I am using Access DB, and my question is...<BR><BR>The problem with this is that I have to know how to spell the persons entire first/last name exactly. I am wanting to set up something so that if I am searching for Michael Wallace I only have to put the parts of his name that I am sure of...<BR><BR>For example...I want to be able to put "Mic" and "Wallac" in the first and last name fields, hit search, and display all records that have "Mic" and "Wallac" in the fields.<BR><BR>I think I&#039;ve even confused myself here. If you need further explanation, let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    sql = "select from yourtable where name like "&#039;& yourform &&#039;"<BR><BR>or somethink like that<BR><BR>just use the "like" statement

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