I&#039;m using SQL 2000 - with multiple tables. I have successfully Joined the two tables, and been able to pull data out of both - but I&#039;m not able to do what I want to do with FrontPage.<BR><BR>I have 1 table called CCC (Cost Center Codes) -- it has 3 columns; ID, BLDG, and CCC.<BR><BR>I have a second table called FMF - it contains 4 fields (that I&#039;m interested in); ID(different from CCC ID), IDENT, TYPE, CCC. The CCC in the two tables match up.<BR><BR>Now, I want to have a person fill in an online form and put in the BLDG field from a drop down. I then need the CCC to be passed to the second table and be able to pull ONLY IDENT, and TYPE that match that CCC from the BLDG.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure how to do this. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks -- Mark C.