i managed to pass a value into text box (using javascript). Part of the code:<BR><BR>strjs = ""<BR>strjs = "&#060;SCRIPT language=""javascript""&#062;" & _<BR>"var time = Form1.txtTime.value;" & _<BR>"var date = Form1.hidDate.value;" & _<BR>"window.opener.Form1.txtSchDateLoop.text= date + &#039;(&#039; + time + &#039;)&#039;;" & _<BR>"window.close();" & _<BR>"&#060;/script" & "&#062;"<BR>ltrScript.Text = strjs<BR><BR>The situation is i click a button and open a new window. i retrieved the values and stored into the text box of the first window.<BR>The problem now is i want the value to be pass into a datagrid and display in rows of values each time i entered a new value.