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    Can anyone tell me if its possible to set up an ARRAY of Session variables eg. <BR><BR>DIM record(5)<BR>for x=1 to 5<BR>Session("record(x)")<BR>Next<BR><BR>is this possible? Does it have to be done in Global.asa or can it be in the main code?<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!<BR><BR>Mas

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    Its easy to do, you store the array in the session variable but you can&#039t change or get any of the elements from the array while its in the Session variable, you have to move the array to a local variable first:<BR><BR>Dim MyArray(5)<BR>For x = 1 to 5<BR> MyArray(x) = "hello"<BR>Next<BR>Session("MySession") = MyArray<BR><BR>Dim MyArrayCopy<BR>MyArrayCopy = Session("MySession")<BR>Response.Write MyArrayCopy(1) &#039 Output = "hello"<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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