hi,<BR>i have a couple of pages in my site -using ASP.net,VB- where i need to generate controls dynamicly from the DB, the problem was when i wanted to generate the RangeValidator to validate a TextBox control it keeps giving me rendering errors!<BR>when use<BR>NewControlValidator.ControlToValidate=MyTex tBox.ID<BR>it gives me this error <BR>Server Error Unable to find control id &#039;~here the id i gave the control&#039; referenced by the &#039;controlToValidate&#039; property of ".<BR><BR>and when i use this <BR>NewControlValidator.ControlToValidate=MyTextBo x.Text<BR>it gives me this error<BR>Server Error The controlToValidate Proprety of " cannot be blank<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR>i read that for an input control to be validated, the System.Web.UI.ValidationPropertyAttribute must be applied to the control, but i dont know how.. so i would appreciate the help<BR>