I am looking for a ASP developer who can work on a mini project which i am willing to pay...<BR><BR>The project is a mini part of a larger website... basically it is a Online booking system, if you are interested please email me at musa at musaonline.co.uk for further details and the price i am willing to pay. Please note i am not looking for any IT companies but any freelance web developer or any students in he IT industry who are good in asp programming.<BR><BR>I have included a brief on what is required, please note i will not require any interface designs, just a functioning asp online booking system...<BR><BR>Firstly we will have a few forms that the visitor fills in so we can narrow down what they want and then give them a list of available courses/classes.<BR><BR>e.g.<BR><BR>Form 1:<BR>1) Art, Dance or Music ?<BR>2) Weekend or Weekly ?<BR>3) Residential or Non-Residential ?<BR><BR><BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR>Form 2:<BR><BR>If &#039;Art&#039; then list:<BR><BR>1) Art:<BR> Sculpture<BR> Foundation Art Class<BR> Fine Art Class (only residential so not listed if not<BR>selected)<BR> Secondary Level<BR> Ceramics (only weekend so not listed if not<BR>selected)<BR> Paint Art Class<BR><BR><BR>2) Select Month -&#062;<BR><BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR><BR>Next page shows a list of all relevant Courses as a Calendar layout. The visitor can click on a courses and it give all the details and an option to &#039;Book&#039;, this would take then to a form which is email to the Academy. The form would need to be customised by the code to include required info. for the course in question.<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR>Would require an Admin. area so all courses can have dates added etc. Each course would have a field for &#039;Available&#039; &#039;Limited Availability&#039; &#039;No Availability&#039; this would just be update by the Admin. manually.<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR><BR><BR>Kind Regards and i look forward to hearing from you.<BR><BR><BR>