I compacted my DB - now have an error!

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Thread: I compacted my DB - now have an error!

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    Default I compacted my DB - now have an error!

    All I done was a "COMPACT AND REPAIR DATABASE" to lose some size, and now I get this error:<BR><BR>&#039;It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.&#039;<BR><BR>This is only happening on my local host, it is not happening upon the web server! I have looked at permissions, done a restart on the default website, I don&#039;t know what else to do or what has caused this.....does anyone have a clue? Thanks in advance foir any help...it will be MUCH appreciated!

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    Default Look in same directory...

    ...as the ".mdb" file for a file of the same name with the extension ".ldb". Try to delete it.<BR><BR>If you can&#039;t delete it, reboot the machine and then try again to delete it.<BR><BR>When you are able to delete it, the error should disappear.<BR>

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