Hi all!<BR> what I am trying to do is passing the src to the &#060;Image&#062; dynamically in ASP.NET just like the classic way. as I am also <BR>doing in my other .aspx & .aspx.vb pages for hyperlinks like:<BR>after declaring the variables globally and assigning them some values in my aspx.vb file I am putting these variables in my .aspx file &#060;a href="&#060;%=UpcomingEvent%&#062;" ..&#062; which is working fine but the same thing for the Image tag is not working at all it&#039;s not recognising the variable&#039;s value.<BR>Does Image tag doesn&#039;t allow to do like this. or i am missing something.<BR>also my Image tag is using the map as well, this is the extract: <BR>&#060;img src="images/map_venue_aus.gif" width="526" height="358" usemap="#Map" border="0" name="USA" ismap runat="server" ID="Img1"&#062;<BR><BR>any help will be highly appreciated.<BR><BR>tia,<BR><BR>cheers,<BR>Sandy.