Hi there,<BR><BR>I have an app that fills a DataSet and stores it in a session. When I go to update the database currently I am passing back the modified DataSet back through all my tiers so that the Update method on each of my DataAdapters can be called, passing in the changed DataSet. <BR><BR>I know that I should be able to just pass back a new dataset that has just the changes that were made, however, I need to be able to control the order in which I add the changes to the dataset(I think) in order to prevent contraint violations.<BR><BR>Should I be worried about the size of the dataset that I pass back? It seems stupid to pass the entire DataSet back when just one row has been updated. Are there performance gains to just passing the Changed?<BR><BR>How do you control how the changes are added to prevent constraint violations.<BR><BR>thanks