Hi all.<BR>I want to test connections via SSL at my PC, but it seems that I cannot create a certificate for it. At the ‘Directory Security’ Tab property of a Web site all buttons are disabled (‘Server Certificate’, ‘View Certificate’, ‘Edit’). <BR>When trying Withard ‘Request new certificate’, just on the very first step it displays an error: ‘The Withard cannot started because it failed to contact Active Directory’<BR>I even not sure whether this Withard is correct to set the certificate: I used Microsoft Management Concole, added snap-in ‘Certificates-Current User’, started Withard from ‘Personal’ subfolder under ‘Certificates-Current User’ folder. (It was the only one place which allowed starting that Withard).<BR>The OS is Windows XP and IIS version is 5.1.<BR>I really have no idea how to solve such a problem and appreciate all suggestions.<BR>