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    patelb88 Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I wanted to know how I could automatically fill in forms on a the web. I mean what if I wanted register for an e-mail address like hotmail. How can I write a program or script or something to do that form if I provide all the info but it doesn&#039t require me to actually do it manually and hit the "submit" button. I&#039m not sure what technology to use - ASP, CGI, Perl...? Any help would be appreciated or if someone could direct me on where to find such info. Please respond to<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    JOEL M Guest

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    that&#039s just not gonna work unfortunately because the technologies you mentioned are on the server side not on the user side. <BR>the only way that what you described could be done is if every single webmaster conformed to one standard and there was a place that you could go to type the information once and it would be stored on a cookie on your computer and whereever you go it would just query the cookie information and submit it without you having to type it over and over again

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