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    Troy Guest

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    Does anyone have any insight into how to implement internationalization in ASP. Things such as displaying different text messages. Would this require duplication of all pages or somehow reading a file to get strings? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    There is a good article at about using the dictionary object to go International with your web site. It is written by Frank Fernandez, who I have had the pleasure of working with during my internship last summer. The link is:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps some<BR><BR>Nathan

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    Jean-Luc Guest

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    Hi,<BR>No you don&#039t have to duplicate pages. I managed to do a website in three languages (couldn&#039t have been x languages, it doesn&#039t matter) without duplicating one page. Nothing really spectacular about it. Every items on a page is stored with a number in a table (key: page#,item#,language; attributes:text). I am accessing the table in for each item, if a plain text I just write, if a graphic I embedded the text in the "&#060;img src=" code. So far I didn&#039t see much problems but I had a look in the article on the 15seconds website and I will see how I can do with it. If you want to see the end result just go to . My only problem was the size of the text which is not the same depending on the language.<BR><BR>jean-luc

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