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    Default .ASP output to .PDF

    Good afternoon,<BR><BR>I was told that you insert some funky code into your .ASP pages that will output your data (if you wish) in a .PDF format. Is this true? Does it cost? Where does one find this miraculous code?<BR><BR>Robin

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    Default Maybe you need to look left...

    ...left of this message. As I&#039;m typing this in, I&#039;m staring at an animated GIF that advertises the hell out of "Active PDF Toolkit".<BR><BR>If you are getting some other advertisement there, hit refresh. It will pop up on the ad cycle, I&#039;m sure.<BR><BR>

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    Default Yup ActivePDF It RULES!

    My company just purchased a copy of this software it RULES.<BR><BR>http://www.activePDF.com<BR><BR>For a small company its quite expensive (Like $1200) but it does some pretty cool stuff...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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