Please help -<BR><BR>I have two separate tables that I am trying to relate together. One table is from an Oracle database and the other is from a SQL server. I am able to setup the data adapters for both and I am getting valid data from them but once I try to relate the data I start having problems. Here is the code I am using:<BR><BR>&#039;Set Oracle Command and data adapter<BR>myOleSelectCommand.CommandText = sql<BR>myOleSelectCommand.Connection = myOLEConnection<BR>myOleDataAdapter.SelectCommand = myOleSelectCommand<BR>myOleDataAdapter.Fill(dsOrac leStuff, "OracleStuff") <BR><BR>&#039;Request info from CommandCenter and setup the data adapter<BR>modSelect.CommandText = GetMod()<BR>modSelect.Connection = mySqlConn<BR>modDataAdapter.SelectCommand = modSelect<BR>modDataAdapter.Fill(dsOracleStuff, "Links") <BR> <BR>Dim drOracle2Links as DataRelation = new DataRelation("Oracle2Links", _<BR> dsOracleStuff.Tables("OracleStuff").Columns("Probl em_id"), _<BR> dsOracleStuff.Tables("Links").Columns("linkvalue") )<BR> <BR> dsOracleStuff.EnforceConstraints = false<BR> dsOracleStuff.Relations.Add(drOracle2Links)<BR><BR >and I get this error:<BR><BR>System.Data.DuplicateNameException: A Relation named &#039;Oracle2Links&#039; already belongs to this DataSet.<BR><BR>Oracle2Links is not a column that exists in either of the tables and I can&#039;t seem to figure out why I get this error <BR><BR>- any ideas out there - Thanks so much for all your help!<BR>