Hi All,<BR><BR> One Information system is available in my office. That is shared by all the departments. In one deparment in a system hard disk is failure. So they changed the harddisk. <BR><BR> So I have copied the Information systems exe in to the new system and try to execute. But it showing the error as connection couldn&#039;t be established. The information system is in Vb and Sql server. <BR><BR> If I am executing it in the server which is having the database or in the some other client no problem. It is working perpectly. <BR><BR> And I stop the running of the sql server and I tried, the same error is coming even if I am running it in the Server where the database is available as well as from any other client. So I can say it confirmly this is the sql server connection problem. what I have to do to share the database from a new client?<BR><BR> Thanks<BR><BR>Ezhil.