How do I move XML nodes?

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Thread: How do I move XML nodes?

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    Default How do I move XML nodes?

    I am working on an ASP.NET application using C#.<BR><BR>In my XMLDocument, I have a node (that contains other nodes within) that I want to move to another location in the tree. How do move that node AND everything it contains?<BR><BR>Is there a MoveNode() method? All I see is a ReplaceChild() method. Will that do the job? The only way I could think of using the ReplaceChild() method is the create a new XMLNode at the new desired location, and then replacing that node with the old one. Then use RemoveChild() to delete the old node. Any better ways? Thanks.

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    Default My only idea is..

    .. just about what you said:<BR><BR>Do a remove and then an append.

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