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    I&#039;m a first time user of .net, I&#039;ve worked with asp for about 2 years prior to this. I&#039;m a little confused right now. Here&#039;s what I&#039;m required to do. Build a web service that will gather employee information from a database. This information will be gathered from an Access db. <BR><BR>My question is where do I create this page. Is it in the web serive itself or will I take input from another site that will then call the service. I&#039;m just a little confused right now. Are there tutorials that will show me how to get the appropriate data from the database?

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    Default Here is a classic ASP example

    of a simple web service on both ends.<BR><BR>http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20010209.asp<BR><BR>You&#039;ll write a version of this in ASP.NET, most likely a regular .aspx page without code-behind. You will probably<BR>want to put your business logic in a class library assembly and<BR>reference that from your .aspx page.<BR><BR>Our site has a few .NET articles that cover either the sender or the receiver of a web service. I gave you that example but it has both as a way to get you started on how it works.

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    Here is a demo of a webservice in asp.net<BR>http://www.wilsondotnet.com/Code/?path=Demos&file=Weather.aspx<BR><BR>You can create a .asmx (WebService) file in VS.Net

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