Is there anyway to LINK or import an external table/database to Access (using VBScript or SQL) from an ASP file? (As opposed to within Access)<BR><BR>So far I’ve linked successfully my dBase (.dbf) file from within Access in Windows98/NT, but when I export it (the Access and dbase files) to certain Web-Hosting NT servers (both file paths being exactly identical) I get the:<BR><BR>“Couldn’t find installable ISAM” error.<BR><BR>I understand the ISAM file for dBase is: - Msxbde40.dll – located in the System directory and probably needs to be installed properly with the system registry. However being the fact that I’m not the Web-Hosting company and have no access to the system registry …is there any way around this?<BR><BR>Or if anyone knows more on the matter please kind enough to provide me with some insight.<BR><BR>S.B.