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    I have an Intranet site where, as the corporate security office, I keep the current NAV signature files available for download. Currently, to do this, I simply run a .bat file on my local machine. This script FTP's the current sig file from our corporate HQ to my web server, and then modifies the HTML code using the munge.exe NT command. Voila, a new file and HREF links are all updated automatically. Now I have several people working for me, and they are not all that web savy, so in order to keep the site updated, I am building a web-based "control panel" of sorts, so that these "helpers" do not have to modify the web pages, they simply go to the control panel and make the necessary changes. I would like to add to the control panel the ability to execute this FTP script, but I'm not sure how to proceed. I can't link a .bat file from a web page (can I?). Any ideas? Having my "helpers" execute a .bat script manually is a monumental chore for them. A button on a web page they can handle. :^)

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    Default I'd ask for different..

    .. "helpers" or keep them the hell off of my servers!<BR><BR>But, see AspFaqs.com, in the Nature of Things category, for a faq on executing an EXE from ASP.

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