First off, I know you are thinking WHY use File Mkaer Pro, I too asked this, but am stuck with it...blah.<BR><BR>Anyway, anyone had any luck with DSN or DSN-less connections to a FM pro database?<BR><BR>The weird thing is that I have to connect ot a client machine runing the program and not the server? I understand that I can do this (the clinet has a public IP and a DSN setup, running Win. XP pro). <BR><BR>Any ideas on what my conn string should look like?<BR><BR>I have seen some examples, but with a DSN I have to specify an IP address for the client machine, but don&#039;t know how to get a DSN and an IP in the string? I also tried using a dsn-less connection, but no luck ther either.<BR><BR>Thanks to anyone brave enough to tackle this one. :)