CDOSYS using with XP PRO IIS5.1 how?

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Thread: CDOSYS using with XP PRO IIS5.1 how?

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    Default CDOSYS using with XP PRO IIS5.1 how?

    Having been advised to use CDOSYS instead of CDONTS.<BR><BR>how do i find out my SMTP server name for my IIs5.1 server on my PC so that I can re configure the CDOSYS to send myself mail.<BR><BR>I would be grateful for a pointer to a relevant faq or tutorial.<BR><BR>I am just learning how to do things at present using a sample code from a site with some info on CDOSYS <BR><BR>the code I am using is<BR><BR>set imsg = createobject("cdo.message")<BR>set iconf = createobject("cdo.configuration")<BR><BR>Set Flds = iConf.Fields<BR>With Flds<BR>.Item("") = 2<BR>.Item &#039;------------this is where i need to enter the smtp serve??("") = "" &#039; ------should this be where the server port goes?<BR>.Update<BR>End With<BR><BR>With iMsg<BR> Set .Configuration = iConf<BR> <BR>.To = "" &#039;--- the email address I need to enter but what would this be on a local site?<BR><BR> .From = ""<BR> .CC = ""<BR> .Subject = "A Subject Line"<BR> .TextBody = "A Text body message"<BR> .fields.update<BR> .Send<BR>End With<BR><BR>set imsg = nothing<BR>set iconf = nothing<BR>

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    Default I don't know, but...

    .. is a great resource.

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