I have a directory on my webserver that has many images (ex. 3000.jpg, 3001.jpg)<BR>I have created a page that looks at this directory takes the file names and enters the names into my database.<BR><BR>ex.<BR>ID PicName<BR>1 3000.jpg<BR>2 3001.jpg<BR><BR>I then move the files from the original directory into another directory.<BR><BR>For some reason I keep getting the error that the files allready exists. I know for a fact that they do not exists and even if they did the f1.Move should over right the ones that are there that are names the same thing.!(*^&@%!%^!@$&*<BR><BR>Here is the striped down code:<BR><BR>Sub Main()<BR><BR>&#039; Create a variable for the originl path where images can be found.<BR> sPP = "D:FrancisPhotographyTempLoadingclient_pics"<B R> <BR> Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR> <BR> &#039; Get files from sPP for Client_Pics<BR> Set f = fso.GetFolder(sPP) <BR> Set fc = f.Files <BR><BR>&#039; Loop through our directory and get the file names so that those names can be entered into the database.<BR> For Each f1 in fc<BR> SQL = "INSERT INTO CLIENTPICTURES (PictureID, JobID, FileName) VALUES (&#039;" & Left(f1.name,4) & "&#039;,&#039;" & JobID & "&#039;,&#039;" & f1.name & "&#039;)"<BR> conn.Execute(SQL)<BR> Next<BR><BR>&#039;Now lets move all our client images into the appropriate production directory<BR> strDestImagesDir = "D:FrancisPhotographyimagesclient_pics" <BR> For Each f1 in fc<BR> f1.Move strDestImagesDir<BR> Next <BR><BR>The line of code it seams to be bombing at is :<BR>For Each f1 in fc<BR> f1.Move strDestImagesDir<BR> Next <BR><BR>I can succesfully get the image names into my db. Im also stripping off the ".jpg" for my db so that it inserts just the filename without the extension. I have tried to write our fi and the results are:<BR><BR>D:FrancisPhotographyimagesclient_pics3 000.jpg, D:FrancisPhotographyimagesclient_pics3001.jpg<BR>