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    Hello <BR><BR>Is there a way to display a large array of 1000 to 2000 records on several pages?<BR><BR>I know you can use objRS.pagesize, objRS.absolutepage, and objRS.pagecount if you want to display large recordset on multiple page. Isn&#039;t objRS just a large array<BR><BR>How you do same for large array? <BR><BR>Appreciate your help

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    Default Probably bad idea...

    Sure, this is *trivial* to do.<BR><BR>You store the array in a session variable and just display "chunks" from the array in various pages.<BR><BR>But let&#039;s say you have 2000 records in the array. At roughly 8000 bytes each (just to pick a number). That&#039;s 16 MEGABYTES of space *PER ACTIVE USER* that you need for the session variables! Even if you&#039;ve got 1GB of memory on your machine, and ignoring the space needed by the OS and ASP and IIS and whatever else is running, you could only have about 60 active sessions!<BR><BR>

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