the snippet of code below retrieves a disconnected<BR>recordset from with my .asp file. The problem is that<BR>I want to use the recordset from within client vb script.<BR>How can I use the recordset??<BR><BR>with rs<BR> .CursorLocation = adUseClient<BR> .CursorType = adopenstatic<BR> .LockType = adlockbatchoptimistic<BR> .Open sSQL, cn<BR> end with<BR> <BR> &#039 check for no records.<BR> if not rs.EOF then<BR> rs.MoveLast<BR> TotRecs = rs.RecordCount<BR> rs.MoveFirst<BR> end if<BR> &#039 disconnect recordset.<BR> set rs.ActiveConnection = Nothing<BR> cn.Close<BR> End If<BR> <BR>%&#062;