I am trying to return all fields from a LDAP directory but I don&#039;t know how to grab the particular fields. <BR><BR>Set rs= conn.Execute("&#060;LDAP://&#060;server&#062;/ou=&#060;class&#062;,o=&#060;company&#062;,c=CA&#0 62;;(&(objectclass=*));ADsPath,objectClass,CN;subt ree") <BR><BR>This will grab everyone in the LDAP directory but I can only display 1 field using rs.Fields(0).value. <BR><BR>I am very, very new to LDAP and I have looked all over and this is the only way I am able to view information from the LDAP server. My end goal is to grab all the fields and update a database with these values. <BR><BR>any help would be appreciated. <BR><BR>thanx, <BR><BR>bignickten