Hi.<BR><BR>I&#039ve got a the URL of a site that is meant to be used with my shop system to give me the latest exchange rates.<BR><BR>My problem is, how can I get the values out of this file into my ASP code as they are on different servers?<BR><BR>Please don&#039t mention components because unfortunately these are not an option to me. My only other option is to use iHTML instead.<BR><BR>Here is an example of the file:<BR><BR>#Exchange rates for installation xxx<BR>Fri Mar 17 13:35:05 GMT 2000<BR>GBP_GBP=1.0<BR>rateDateString=2000-03-17<BR>GBP_USD=1.598539237692302<BR>GBP_EUR=1.65103 08698548397<BR>allRatesCurrent=true<BR>rateDateMil lis=953251200000<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR>Tom Holder