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    What are the real advantages to using components? For things like a simple database query and writing the results to a page. Is there any performance difference or is it all just in the maintainability and security of it?

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    Hi Eric,<BR>I&#039ll try to put forth some points here:<BR><BR>Maintainability and Security are two aspects<BR>By making components you are taking a N-tier approach that adds to the scalability of your application. You have your business logic separate.<BR>Then you must be knowing the benefits of components<BR>Reusability etc.<BR><BR>With components you make layers in your application. You can abstract your application logic and take an object oriented approach.<BR><BR>There are lot of performance gains also<BR>Component code is compiled, if you are writing everything is asp then it is going to be interpreted everytime.<BR>Pooling of components happens if you are using MTS.<BR><BR>I do agree that for smaller applications that have a shorter development cycle, the strategy of doing away with components may work, however it is always better to write all your business and data logic in components.<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>Happy Programming!<BR><BR>

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    Very informative post. Thank you.<BR><BR>I have a webpage where I would like a certain book displayed when certain matching categories are selected. Could I compile a component to do this? Or am I still not thinking of a "Big Enough" project when it comes time to make use of components?<BR><BR>Daniel

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