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    Hi,<BR><BR>Am new to web development, not sure if this can be done in ASP or JavaScript. Is it possible to ensure that a page is refreshed or reloads after the user hits the back button? I have looked up other techniques such as page refresh in the meta tag but that will continue to refresh without stopping...I only want the page to refresh/reload the contents once before loaded to the user to update any changes made to the database from previous pages.<BR><BR>Also, at the moment I am using &#039;processing&#039; pages to do all updates/inserts/deletes on subsequent pages that the users never see. After processing, the page is redirected. At the moment I am having trouble with passing variables from the processing pages because there is no form on them and have therefore used sessions. Is there a way to pass variables without using a form? Are sessions recommended?<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!

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    ummmm... no it&#039;s not, but you can build your page logic so that the user doesn&#039;t NEED to press the back button.

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