I need to verify user to allow him to open a page. I created session variable vMemID My code is:<BR>Dim strMemID As String<BR> Session("vMemID") = strMemID<BR> strMemID = txtMemID.Text.ToString()<BR><BR>Then I receive this variable on another page:<BR>Dim vMemID As String<BR> Dim SessionValue As String<BR> SessionValue = Session("vMemID")<BR>vMemID = Session("vMemID")<BR><BR> strMemID = Session("vMemID")<BR> Page.Response.Write(strMemID)<BR> Label1.Text = strMemID<BR><BR>_______------------------------<BR>Function GetvMemID(ByVal vMemID As String) As String<BR> Session("vMemID") = Label1.Text.ToString()<BR> Return Session("vMemID")<BR> End Function<BR><BR>This page works but I need to verify user on another page<BR>I have this code on the page:<BR><BR> Dim vMemID As String<BR> Dim strMemID As String<BR> Dim SessionValue As String<BR> SessionValue = Session("vMemID")<BR> strMemID = Session("vMemID")<BR><BR> lblText.Text = (CStr(Session("vMemID")))<BR><BR> When I open this page through the link from the preceding one, I cannot do this(it redirects me back- it is in code). But if I open it from the project window I have value of the session variable on the lblText. What am I doing wrong? Please help.