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    Just wondering if anyone can help?<BR><BR>I have some web applications that use different databases at one physical SQL server on a network.<BR><BR>I&#039;m in the process of porting over everything to a new SQL server soon, but in the meantime, I am porting over little by little (meaning some web applications will get its data from the old SQL server and some from the new SQL server).<BR><BR>I&#039;m creating a central login page to be used be every web application (ie: when you come to a web site, you would click on the login button a be taken to the central login page).<BR><BR>After determining where the user came from, is there a way to dynamically create a DSN connection string and send the web application this info, along with the IP of the physical server so that it can create it&#039;s connection from that point on?<BR><BR>Curious?<BR>rdwash

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    We are doing the same moving to a new server that is...<BR>All of our connections as DSN ODBC to the individual DB&#039;s so yes you can set the ODBC to the new server for some and the old server for others

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