I have created a database that holds scripts created by my webteam. Each script can have two CLASSES (e.g. Documents, or Images). I have held the class descriptions in a seperate table(tblClass) linked by InnerJoins within Access. This is the SQL statement I have used :-<BR><BR>strsql = "SELECT tblScripts.Title, tblScripts.ShortDesc, tblScriptDescs.ScriptDesc, tblScripts.ScriptHeader, tblScripts.ScriptBody, tblScripts.Comments, tblClass.ClassDescrip, tblClass_1.ClassDescrip FROM tblClass AS tblClass_1 INNER JOIN (tblScriptDescs INNER JOIN (tblClass INNER JOIN tblScripts ON tblClass.ClassID = tblScripts.ClassID) ON tblScriptDescs.ScriptID = tblScripts.ScriptID) ON tblClass_1.ClassID = tblScripts.ClassID1 WHERE tblScripts.ID=40;"<BR><BR>myRs.Open strsql, myConn, 3, 3<BR><BR>vTitle = myRs("Title")<BR>vDescription = myRs("ShortDesc")<BR>vComments = myRs("Comments")<BR>vHead = myRs("ScriptHeader")<BR>vBody = myRs("ScriptBody")<BR>vScript = myRs("ScriptDesc")<BR>vClass1 = myRs("ClassDescrip")<BR>vClass2 = myRs("tblClass_1.ClassDescrip")<BR><BR>The SQL Statement runs fine, but unfortunately I cannot put tblClass_1.ClassDescrip into a variable, I have tryed to referance it using the edited table name as well as the field name (as otherwise I would have 2 identical names in myRs) but the page will not accept it... Is there any way of doing this?