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Thread: Transparent iframe background?

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    Default Transparent iframe background?

    Is there anyway to make the background color of a page in an iframe transparent? <BR><BR>Basically i have a page that has a background image on it. I have an iframe in the middle of the page, but the background is black so the image from the first page doesn&#039;t show through. And no, I can&#039;t simply put the image in the iframe because its bigger than the frame and wouldn&#039;t look right.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    well, no - because it&#039;s not really &#039;floating&#039; in the main page - it&#039;s more like a window than a picture frame, if you see what I mean.

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    Default You could use a DIV instead

    of your IFRAME and set it&#039;s style to Width:xxx; Height:yyy; Overflow:Auto;<BR><BR>This should mimic an IFRAME, though the contents have to be inline, of course, rather being able to specify another page as the SRC.

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