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    I am having problems with a page...<BR><BR>I am trying to include an asp file in my webpage so it can be loaded by other pages, but for some reason it isnt working...<BR><BR>Even though the file does exist (I checked it myself) the browser tells me it doesnt. It even goes as far as to give a link to the page that i can copy and paste into the address bar and it works...<BR><BR>the code i am using to include the asp file is:<BR>&#060;!--#include virtual="" --&#062;<BR><BR>but it doesnt work. = (<BR><BR>the page is located at:<BR><BR><BR>thanks in advance for any help you can provide.<BR><BR><BR>David

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    Default Doesn't work like that

    You can only include files that reside on your server, and you must use their absolute path (if using file) or virtual path if using virtual.

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