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    Hi!<BR><BR>We have attached client&#039;s database to our Server, "WAPDA". Our client can connect to our server using an IP address. But he can see all the other databases we have on the same server. And he can also see and edit permissions in the "security" folder. <BR><BR>We already created a user and assigned him to his own DB and denied him access to edit anything on the other DBs, but is there any way we can completely hide the other DBs from him? And also deny him access into the security folder?<BR><BR>Basically what we want is that when he connects, all he sees is his own database, to which he has full access. He should not be able to see anything else. <BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated, thanks.<BR>

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    Why would you allow a client to get on your DB Server?<BR><BR>Well I assume you have set the user login default database

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