I have a little printer problem. I wrote an Intranet application for work. The app does many things, but one thing it does is print out 3 different permits (either on RED, BLUE, or YELLOW paper) to the proper local printer. There are already 3 printers installed on each of the clients PC’s. The printers are also named RED, BLUE, and YELLOW. Depending on the permit type, the default printer would be changed to the proper color using an ActiveX control when the permit is issued. <BR><BR>It all worked great. When the client script did a window.print(); The print dialog would open and the correct printer was already selected (because the ActiveX control would change the default printer) and the user just had to click OK.<BR><BR>Now they upgraded some of the client’s PCs to windows XP and the ActiveX control no longer works. So now the confused workers actually have to click the correct printer before they click OK. This of course is unacceptable.<BR><BR>Does anyone know of any script (or object that I can buy) that can change the clients’ default printer or another way to tell IE5 to print the current form to a certain printer (or even a specific printer tray)? <BR><BR>Any help would be great!<BR>