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    Hi, I'm afraid I have no further description of ths error other than that which is in the title. This error arose whilst trying to implement an article on 4guysfromrolla about how to "ping" by calling a batch file from ASP. Has anyone tried to do this and had similar problems? Thanks in advance

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    That error code seems to be related to the system not finding a file. Make sure that if you&#039;re calling a .bat file that your path is correct, and if that .bat is calling any other files, check that too. If you&#039;re using a component, make sure it&#039;s registered properly.<BR><BR>If that&#039;s not it, check permissions. Maybe the current IIS user (maybe it&#039;s IUSER_machine, maybe it&#039;s not) doesn&#039;t have perms to run a shell command in the current context???<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR>Greg

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