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    I have my code which seems to work pretty well. What I want to do is after <BR><BR>objDR = objcmd.ExecuteReader() <BR>rptacctinfo.DataSource = objDR <BR>rptacctinfo.DataBind() <BR><BR>or before, is get some of the data into a variable so I can manipulate the way they need to be and then put it in the form. <BR><BR>So how do I put data from my datareader into a variable? <BR>How do I put the value of the variable into my HTML from? <BR>In the old days I could do this: <BR><BR>string = recordset("fieldname") <BR><BR>and then manipulate the variable to my liking. <BR>How do I do the same thing in .Net????? <BR>

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    You can do it a few ways.<BR><BR>You can apply a method to the datagrids onDataBinding event and manipulate the data there, or you can loop through the datareader and place the values into a dimensional array then manipulate the data. etc.

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