After re-organising my application into subdirectories, I keep getting the error "Parser Error Message: Could not load type &#039;LuckyWeb.Customer.TestForm&#039;" which keeps me from being able to running the project :(<BR><BR>The root of the application is "C:InetpubwwwrootThijs2LuckyWebClient" and in IIS defined as application "LuckyWeb". It has some subdirectories, arranged as follows:<BR>- LuckyWebClient<BR> - ClientCustomer<BR> - CommonPages<BR> - ...<BR><BR>Do I have to do some specific configuration before being able to run anything? This TestForm.aspx is a form I created in VS.NET (2002) *fter the reorganisation. It is located in the ClientCustomer subdirectory, which is probably the reason why it doesn&#039;t work, but it should.<BR><BR>Can anybody please help me? It&#039;s for a school project and it ought to be finished in a few days...<BR><BR>All input really appreciated