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    Kamran Amjad Guest

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    How can you verify a credit card online?<BR>How can you charge a credit card online?<BR>Is there any way to reverse the transaction on the credit card once it has been processed. or how do you refund the customer if he cancels the order.<BR><BR>

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    vaonline Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>You can verify a credit card transaction by using a Payment Gateway system that would interact with the bank. There are many third party payment gateways available. It would be the responsibility of the payment gateway to ensure the transaction is successful or completed maintaining consistency.<BR>The payment gateways provide methods to reverse the transactions also.<BR>Typically you pass credit card #, Merchant Id and make a file in a defined format, put it in a defined directory and poll for the output file.<BR><BR>The output file can tell you about the transaction success/failure.<BR><BR>HAPPY PROGRAMMING!<BR><BR>

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