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    Albert Bredenhann Guest

    Default ASP ---> WORD ??

    How do I converts data via ASP to WORD ?

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    kevinp Guest

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    You could instance MS Word as an ole component. With a little poking around with the VB Macro/Programs in MSWord you could convert the VBMacros to work in ASP<BR><BR>objWord = Server.CreateObject("Word.Application")<BR>objWord .Add( "DocumentType:=wdNewBlankDocument")<BR>objWord.Sel ection.TypeText( "Text:=""This""")<BR><BR>Im sure there are similar samples found for MSExcel using similar methods. Hope this gets you started.<BR><BR>Um why word anyway. There may be ASP COM components that are easier and more friendly and take less memory that put out Rich Text.<BR><BR>-kevinp

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