I have a cookie value that is like this:<BR>[product,partno,price,shipping,qty]<BR><BR>This represents one item. If a customer adds an additional item to their shopping cart it changes to:<BR>[product,partno,price,shipping,qty][product,partno,price,shipping,qty]<BR><BR>And so on for each product added. In order to parse this cookie value, I attempted to design a for...next loop that checks character to character for the length of the string. When it hits the first "[" it marks this character position as the start point for the new item, increments up the number of products in the cookie, and then continues the For loop. Once the search indicates the next "]", it marks this point as the end of said product.<BR><BR>I then take a substring of this item as such:<BR>ThisItem = Mid(FullList, ItemStart, ItemEnd)<BR><BR>Then the substring is broken down further:<BR><BR>ThisItemSplit = Split(ThisItem, ",")<BR>For Counter = 0 to 4<BR>If Counter = 0 then <BR> TheItem = ThisItemSplit(Counter)<BR>ElseIf Counter = 1 then <BR> ThePartNo = ThisItemSplit(Counter)<BR>ElseIf Counter = 2 then<BR> ThePrice = ThisItemSplit(Counter)<BR>ElseIf Counter = 3 then<BR> TheShipping = ThisItemSplit(Counter)<BR>ElseIf Counter = 4 then<BR> TheQuantity = ThisItemSplit(Counter)<BR>End If<BR>Next<BR><BR>The newly created substrings are added to a dB table. No problems here.<BR><BR>But when the initial For loop finds the next "[", my string parsing is not working correctly. The substrings are not correct.<BR><BR>Please help.