I am having trouble converting some elements of a JScript Cookie code over to VBScript. Please see the code below as I have it in VBScript and check for any problems. I am perplexed.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Dim CookieName, CookieFound, Start, End, CookieString, i, Fulllist, Itemlist<BR><BR>CookieName = "AWMShoppingCart"<BR>CookieFound = false<BR>Start = 0<BR>End = 0<BR>CookieString = Request.Cookies(CookieName)<BR>i = 0<BR><BR>While i &#060;= Len(CookieString)<BR><BR>start = i<BR>end = start + Len(CookieName)<BR>If mid(Cookiestring, start, end) = CookieName then<BR> CookieFound = true<BR> End While<BR>End If<BR>i = i + 1<BR><BR>Wend<BR><BR>If CookieFound then<BR> start = end + 1<BR> end = InStr(start, Request.Cookies(CookieName), ";", 1)<BR> If end &#060; start then<BR> end = Len(Request.Cookies(CookieName))<BR> End If<BR> Mid(Request.Cookies(CookieName), Start, End)<BR>End If<BR><BR>Fulllist = Mid(Request.Cookies(CookieName), Start, End)<BR>