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    Renee :) Guest

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    Hi Guys!<BR><BR>How can I use a db with three tables (Access) and have output from all three..?<BR><BR>I have 3 tables, Apples, Oranges, Fruits, <BR><BR>Apples contains appleID, appleName<BR>Orange contains orageID, orageName<BR>Fruit contains appleID, orangeID.<BR><BR>How can output, instead of displaying just the Fruit ID numbers - I can display the names of the Apples & Oranges (called by they ID in the Fruit table) - I know I have to use Primary Keys, but Im not sure how to call them :)<BR><BR>Any help would be great!!! :))<BR><BR>Thanks a million<BR>Rens :)

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    Scott S Guest

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    You can use the INNER JOIN Sql Syntax<BR><BR>example:<BR>------------------------------------------<BR>SELECT APPLES.APPLENAME, ORANGES.ORANGENAME <BR>FROM ORANGES INNER JOIN (FRUIT INNER JOIN APPLES ON FRUIT.APPLEID = APPLES.APPLEID)ON ORANGES.ORANGEID = FRUIT.ORANGEID<BR>------------------------------------------<BR><BR>there is more info on this website:<BR><BR><BR>hope this helps,<BR>Scott <BR><BR>

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